Check In Time:  1:00 pm           Check Out Time:  12:00 Noon
       Quiet Hours:  10:00 pm to 8:00 am

Pool Hours:  9:00 am to Dusk.   Swim Attire Only.   Swim at your own risk.

Senior and Adult oriented park.  Please, children as registered visitors only.  

Guests:  Please register and pay for overnight or facility use.

Backing into your Space:  Please let us assist you!

Drinking WaterNo Tees, Direct connection to RV only.
    Non-potable water can be used for flushing or washing.

Laundry, Mail, & Rec Hall Buildings:  Are Open 24/7.
Please, NO Pets or Smoking in any of the buildings.

Quilting Room  is open during the Winter Season.

RV Accessories:  All are to be of RV Type ONLY!   IE:  Support jacks, Self-supporting slide-outs, sewer hoses, wheel covers, small RV portable steps, & screen rooms.  Gas tanks & air conditioners >> Manufacturer installed only!   Satellite Dishes are to be attached to RV or on a Tripod – No ground stakes.

Garbage:  Please put in Dumpsters.   No other outside containers, please.

Electric Heat:  Not allowed.
Propane:  Check with office.  Service is during weekdays only.

Mail:  Will be placed in the Mail Room.
Phone hook-up:  Please inquire at the office.

Your Premises:  Patio Items Only.   Please keep site tidy, clean, & reasonable quiet.  Planting, digging, or tying down are not permitted.   Storage of misc. items are to be out of sight from front view.   No appliances, clothesline, or concrete blocks.    Max two (2) vehicles per site.
‘For Sale’ signs not allowed on RV’s or vehicles.

Pets:  Bred restrictions apply!  No pets in any facilities, please.  Pets are to be on a Hand Held leash & picked up after right away, please carry your disposal bag.  ‘Swift Paws Park’ is for resident use only.

Fishing Pier:  Please, NO Diving >> water is too shallow.

Maintenance:  Please notify us if any repairs are needed, Thank You!

We hope these general rules will help make everyone’s stay more pleasant.
Thank You and we hope to see you soon!